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Here are some simple tips for getting your house ready to put it up for sale.
Clean, Clean and Clean some more: Do a good deep clean of the entire house.  This includes closets, cupboards, storage areas, drawers, carpets, walls and windows.
Declutter:  Pack up or get rid of the stuff you really don’t need while your house is on the market, like extra shoes and coats that are off season or you don’t actual wear.  Prospective buyers want to know that there is lots of storage space, so jamming up cupboards and closets with the stuff you are trying to hide can be counterproductive.
Fixes:  Fix up all those little things around the house that you have been putting off.  this includes things like leaky faucets, burnt out light bulbs, holes from pictures, squeaky doors, scuffs on walls and floors.
Freshen up:  Once you’ve decluttered the bathroom and kitchen and made sure the counters are clear, think about adding some fresh flowers and new hand towels.  Simple things like replacing throw cushions and area rugs can make a huge impact.
Don’t forget outside:  Curb appeal is so important.  You want your house to make a great first impression.  Do the same steps as inside your home; clean, declutter, fixes and freshen up.
Now walk around your house outside and in and try looking at it from a buyer’s perspective to see if you missed anything.
If you haven’t done so already, call your favourite Mortgage Broker to prepare the paperwork and get you ready to move on and buy your next home.