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Whether we like it or not the hibernating season is fast approaching.  The weather seems to turn cold on a dime and sometimes it catches us off guard.  This is a great time to start preparing your home for the winter season.  Here are some tips to get your home ready.

  1. Furnace check-up: there is nothing worse than waking up on a -40 degree winter morning and your furnace has decided to quit working.  An annual check-up is very important to keep your furnace working through the cold weather at its peak performance.  This could save you money on your heating bills too.  Don’t forget to pick up some replacement furnace filters and clean the vents and cold air returns.
  2. Clean your chimney and fireplace.  This should be done annually.
  3. Reverse your ceiling fans so that they move the warm air around instead of blowing cold air down on you.  This can help reduce your heating bills.  And while you’re up there…give that fan a good dusting!!
  4. Clean out gutters and drains. 
  5. Trim tree branches that are overhanging or too close to your house and any dead branches.  Remember that when ice builds up on those branches they get very heavy which could cause severe damage.
  6. Do an exterior home inspection.  Check for cracks and leaks in your foundation and worn out caulking around windows, doors and vents on the roof.  Check the roof for leaks or loose shingles.  Add or replace weather stripping on doors and windows.
  7. Prep your yard.  Put away the summer toys and make sure you get your shovels out and give your snow blower a tune up.  This is also the time to pick up some yard waste bags and get your rake ready for the falling leaves.
  8. Lastly stock up on the hot chocolate for those chilly nights in front of your clean fireplace.