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Curb appeal is a home’s sex appeal. It catches the eye and draws you in.  Here are 5 simple ways to improve your home’s curb appeal.

  1. Landscaping:  Simple things like edging gardens walkways and driveways have a big impact.  Make sure to clean up any weeds poking up through any paving stones and a good power wash on walkways and porches can bring them new life.  Cut the grass and trim any bushes or trees that are over-grown or blocking the view of your home.  Add some colour: this can be as simple as adding some planters to walkways and steps or adding hanging baskets to a porch.
  2. General cleaning:  Cleaning the windows, giving the siding a good scrub with a pressure washer and cleaning out the trees growing in the gutters makes a big impact on the appeal.  Cleaning up clutter from around the outside of your house is as important as doing it on the inside.
  3. Front Door:  Updating with new hardware, a fresh coat of paint or just a good cleaning will make guests feel welcomed.  A personalized door mat is a nice touch too.
  4. Lighting:  Make your home visible at night.  Soft lighting around your home and in your garden make your home feel warm and inviting.  Try to avoid the bright fluorescent bulbs and coloured lights.  Soft lighting along a walkway or driveway can lead your eyes right up to the front door.
  5. Added touches:  New house numbers or a decorative mailbox don’t have to cost a lot to make a big impact.  If your mailbox is near the road, you can add a small garden around it to add some colour.   A bench adds an inviting spot to sit.
If you need help with your gardens or planters we recommend you call Tracy Laqua at in-ex-teriors.  Find her on Facebook or visit her website www.inexteriors.ca