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Struggling with Credit Card Debt?
Still paying off your Line of Credit for a renovation or vacation?

Refinancing your home may be an option.

What is refinancing?   It is when we use the equity you have built into your home to use towards debt payouts or a large purchase.

Some reasons people use their equity:

  1. Debt consolidation: many clients come to us with numerous credit cards, car loans, personal loans, lines of credit, plus a mortgage.  Consolidating your debt can help ease your monthly cash flow.
  2. Lower your interest rate: Rates are still very low, if you are paying a higher rate, we can advise you if it’s a benefit to you to break your old mortgage or if it’s better to wait.
  3. Making a big purchase: This could be financing your kids’ education, doing a renovation or even buying a new car.
  4. Borrowing to invest: It may make sense to take out some of the equity in your home to invest in your retirement.

Refinancing is a way to reduce your overall interest and increase your cash flow.

Currently we are offering a FREE refinance program.  Typically a refinance can cost approximately $1,700:
Lawyer $1,000 > You pay $0
Discharge/Transfer Fee $400 > You pay $0
Appraisal $300 > You pay $0
Please contact us today to determine if refinancing is an option for you.

*Refinancing applications must be submitted by June 30th, 2016.  We are still bound by refinancing rules and can only go up to 80% Loan to Value of your home (this means that we can only refinance up to 80% of the current house value).  If there is a breakage fee or penalty charge on your mortgage, you will be responsible for this amount BUT we can roll it into your new mortgage so it, doesn’t come out of your pocket. Some conditions apply.