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Here are some simple tips to help keep your home and family safe throughout the holidays.
1. Don’t advertise that you’re out of town
Social media can work against you this time of year.  Telling the world that you are leaving the country on vacation or off to a family gathering out of town, or even just an evening at a Christmas party, gives thieves a time line of when your home is sitting empty.
2. Keep the ‘Lived-in’ look
To deter break-ins while you’re out of town, make sure that your home looks “lived in”. This can include leaving a car in your driveway, asking a neighbour to collect your mail and shovel (if we ever get some snow!), and using timers for your lights, even leaving a radio on helps. The more “lived in” your house looks, the less likely someone will break into it.
3. Inspect your lights and choose a fresh tree
Before decorating your tree or home, carefully inspect your holiday string lights for frays or breaks. If your family prefers a real tree to an artificial one, avoid choosing an older dry one and make sure it is kept well watered. Whether you have a real or artificial tree, make sure that they are kept away from open flames. Use timers to save you money and make sure lights aren’t left on for extended periods of time, which can be a fire hazard.
3. Light up the night
Deter thieves by keeping the outside of your home well lit.  This time of year it gets dark so early that many people aren’t home from work before dark.  Motion and day-light sensors can make this easy and economical.
6. Don’t leave your gifts out
Even if your family is home for the holidays, leaving gifts out for display can make your home a possible target for break-ins. Instead, keep the gifts tucked away until it is time to open them. After the gifts have been opened, the same rule applies: Don’t leave opened gifts on display near doors and windows. Also be sure to cut up boxes from gifts so that on garbage day you are not displaying an inventory list for potential thieves.