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We do regular maintenance on our homes, like getting ducts cleaned, furnace serviced, cleaning the gutters and chimney, checking the roof for problems and getting plumbing fixed when there is a leak or a pressure issue.  But what about your home’s electrical system?  It is one of those things that is hidden behind the walls so it tends to get forgotten.  The problem is that if there is an issue with your electrical system you may not know it until it is too late and someone is seriously injured or your house is on fire.  The safety of your home, your family, your pets and your neighbours are too important to be left to chance. 

We recommend that you have preventative maintenance done by a licensed electrical contractor.  The cost of such a service is worth every penny when you are talking about preventing electrical shocks or fires.

They should check all circuits, accessible receptacles and switches; looking for overloaded circuits, reversed polarity, loose connections, broken or damaged devices and missing covers. The main purpose would be to identify electrical shock hazards and make recommendations that may be needed in your home.

Make sure that you do your homework and choose a licensed electrical contractor with proper insurance.  Any electrical work should be done by a licensed electrical contractor with the appropriate permits.  Preventative maintenance would not require a permit unless a serious issue was identified.

We highly recommend the staff at Solutions Electrical.  You may recognize their name from their work with Mike Holmes.  They are a great team of highly skilled individuals, with similar beliefs as us.   Solutions Electrical President, Frank Cozzolino once said “we feel it has become our responsibility to provide exceptional knowledge by educating our customers with skill and workmanship at a fair price.” 

Check out Solutions Electrical website for more information on their “Test & Troubleshoot” service.  They are now servicing Hamilton to Niagara, Barrie and the GTA.